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What speaker will go with my Densen Beat B-100??


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I need to see what people think and also see what other Densen Beat B-100 owners setups are.

This is my current setup at the moment

Amp - Densen Beat B100
Speakers - Acoustic Energy Aespirit 309 Floorstanders
Sources - Squeezebox mainly, soon to be iMac going through DAC too.

I see the speakers the weak part now and since getting my Densen which I really like btw I don't feel that my system is refined and balanced at all. The speakers are a little too boomy in the bass and feel loose resolution of the sound in the mid range. I listen mainly to electronic music but I do listen to a lot of rock and classical music too.

I am looking for speakers that will work nicely with the Densen and produce a controlled sound but still be quite lively at the same time, in other words work well with electronic music.

During my initial research Dynaudio seem to get recommended, as well as B&W Speakers and PMC but not sure which? I am happy to go with new or secondhand too and ideally would prefer to keep with floor standers.

Also I will be moving home soon so the speakers need to ideally be suited to a room that is approx 3m x 3m.

Look forward to seeing what your thoughts are.


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What is your budget?
A pair of PMC GBs secondhand could be a good option and will work well even in a smaller room. What amp did you have before the Densen? Was it with the same speakers?


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PMC speakers tend to be very forgiving in terms of placement (my GBs are anyway). Hence unless you go for one of their much bigger models I am sure you will be fine in the size of room you have.
Are you sure the speakers are the issue since from what you have said it sounds like the sound you had was fine with your old amp. Then when you changed to the Densen it was then that your sound changed and you did not like it. You say you like the Densen and want ot keep it but it seems to be the thing that made your system sound bad. A gooed or better amp should not make any speaker sound worse to be honest. If the speakers are the limiting factor then you would expect the full gains from a new amp to not be achieved but you would not expect the sound quality to get worse. A better amp may show up flaws in the source material that were not evident before but again changing speakers is not going to fix this. Or have I misread it and the sound was always like this even with the older amp? If not then you may want to rethink what you are going to upgrade otherwise you may spend a chunk of money and get no improvement (if you buy better speakers than you have now and it is the source or something else that is the issue then you could even make the problem worse).

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