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what speaker set for my budget?


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i have about 2500 € to spend on a speaker system.

As i'm a complete noob on these things: let me tell you the whole story:

I have a small room of about 25 m², for that room i bought a pioneer LX5090 of 50".

I will be connecting a:

-FULL HD digital tv box (Belgium Telenet full hd recorder box) for TV
-PS3 for dvd and Blueray + games
-Computer also for the surround sound, so i can view movies and content on the 5090 that are being played on my computer.

I'm willing to spend 2000 - max 2500 euro on the speaker system.

I heard i also need a AV receiver. (you see? i'm a noob)

Everything has to support the latest technologies of the connections mentioned earlier, otherwise i don't see why i bought all these things... ;)

I just cancelled my order for a bose lifestyle 18 (which was 2000 euro). So please help me out here. thank you :)

(will be posting same in AV receiver section for AV advice)


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Do you want a 5.1/7.1 speaker system (thats 5 speakers or 7 speakers + subwoofer).

Does it have to be a lifestyle design system or can you accomodate larger speakers than the type found in lifestyle type systems.


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I would take a 5.1 setup, since i don't have the room to put extra 2 speakers on the left and the right.

honestly, i really liked the design of the lifestyle speakers, and the room will be very filled with all these large speakers. That's why i prefer the smaller speakers like the lifestyle. If it is impossible to find good quality in this range, i'm willing to compromise.

let me know your findings, i'm open to every suggestion.

Andrew K

If smaller speakers are what you are looking for then you can't go far wrong with the Kef 3005SE
Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited KEF KHT3005SE Home Theatre Speakers - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

paired with something like the Onkyo SR876.
THX® Ultra2 Plus™ Certified 7.1-Channel A/V Home Theatre Receiver TX-SR876 - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

If you are OK with more traditional bookshelf or floorstanders then more options open up at your price point.

What are your local dealers like in belgium (assumption made from your TV box)?

Andrew K

I can't stress enough that the Kef 3005SE speakers are nothing like the Logitech speakers performance wise. This is a completely different league. For a start they are nearly 25cm high and 2kg each.

having said that they are not to everyone's taste and you either like them or you hate them.


Ive just bought the Tannoy revolution signature package with TS12 subwoofer. If you want small stylish cabinets with more depth and scale than satalites they are definately worth a listen.

Youll need a fairly high powered AV reciever though, I have an Onkyo 875. I can bi-amp my front pair with this aswell.


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For the Euro impaired, €2,000 to €2,500 is about £1,500 to £2,000.

First, we need a better idea of what your vision for these speakers is.

Are you limiting it to pure 'egg/pod/lifestyle' speaker?
Tower or Floorstanders?

And you are willing to dedicate additional money to an amp, or should we consider that part of the price.

Two impressive compact systems are the SVS, which have outstanding performance based on reports I've heard here. The SVS have a near fanatic following with consistently rave reviews.

SBS-01 Surround Sound - SVS Subwoofers & Speakers from Subsonicsounds

Also, the various Miller & Kriesel (M&K) systems are top notch and very compact, and have several systems in your price range.

HiFix Speakers-Speaker Systems-

Both these are specifically made for video playback. They probably do a fair job for pure music, but I personal prefer to emphasize speakers that are made for music, and settle for a very slight compromise on video.

The Kef systems are generally well regarded, but I personally simply can not allow myself to buy speakers that small. You might consider the Kef 5005 for about £1250 and found at the HiFix.co.uk link shown above.

If you don't mind towers, then consider this system -

AE Aelite-3 5.1 speaker system @ £1449
ACOUSTIC ENERGY AELITE 3 5.1 SPEAKER PACKAGE - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/2075 for details

If you want bookshelf speakers, then consider the top performing and very well liked B&W speakers -

B&W 685 home cinema package @ £1206
Hifi Gear ~ ~ B&W 685 home cinema package

There are many others; Wharfedale, Monitor Audio, etc....

Though I'm sure there are many here who will agree you made the right choice in not getting the Bose. Bose do what they do well, but they are generally regarded more as 'style over substance' by most people.

The choices are near limitless until you set some limits.

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I would like to mount the speakers on the wall.

the space is limited and I just can't put huge speakers here. A huge subwoofer is also a no go.

That is why I liked the BOSE so much: small.

For price i would add a AV to it all:
The AV receiver i've been thinking:

either to take also a pioneer:

or a denon AVR-1909 no true HD decoder, 2309 is better then?

or a
Onkyo TX-SR875

denon seems to have problems with dvd images
and onkyo doesn't really send a proper hdmi signal to the plasma tv

the pioneer seems the most attractive since it is also pioneer... maybe those will work better together then?
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If you are looking at on-wall it may be worth considering the Artcoustic speakers (especially for design/aesthetic considerations), you could probably get some Monitors for FL/FR, a c1 for the center, and some mini's for the rear. Pair it with a sub and you are good to go.

I bought my Artcoustics from joe fernand @ tmfsolutions (an AV forum local who gave me a very good price and was very helpful) and I love them. I run DF 65-50s front, c1 center and just picked up some ex-demo monitors for the rears. Not only do they sound great but they look fantastic (you can get your own prints on them if you want ;))


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I personally think the new Focal Dome speakers are the best looking small speakers yet, and they sound great. You can see the brochure at: http://www.focaldirect.co.uk/Dome/Resources/Dome.pdf

The satellites are excellent. They can sit on a tabletop or mount on the wall or ceiling. Normally, I believe you can do better than their subwoofer in terms of full deep base, but if astethics are important to you then their little unit might be a good choice as it is small and still looks sleek should it be visible.


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If you are looking at on-wall it may be worth considering the Artcoustic speakers (especially for design/aesthetic considerations), you could probably get some Monitors for FL/FR, a c1 for the center, and some mini's for the rear. Pair it with a sub and you are good to go.

I wasn't familiar with the artcoustic speakers, but they are a great option for completely hiding speakers. I'd love to get your impression of their sound quality.


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Yes they are so designish! very flat... altough i wonder wether this would have a positive effect on the sound quality.

and I can't seem to find prices anywhere.

Maybe I'll just settle with KEF's then. My Pioneer dealer has them. This together with a denon 2309 would make a great match i think...
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Personally I think they sound great, they are leaps and bounds ahead of my previous setup (although I still use my REL q100e atm as I cant afford to replace it). I know Charlotte Church bought some so they must be doing something right. ;)

That said I am pretty sure the same money spent on some floorstanders would net you something a bit better but for me they were a no-brainer. I don't mind floorstanders and feel they can look fantastic, but it was my wifes suggesion to go for the artcoustics (to my shock as they were over 3x what I had budgeted) and I love how unobtrusive and stylish they are while delivering everything I want from my AV/Music.

Give Joe a ring (01968 661 803), he will be better able to give you an objective opinion as he has installed umpteem high-end speaker systems. It may also be worth getting in touch with artcoustic uk, I have always found them to be very helpful (e.g. they have offered to send me replacement wall brackets for no cost) and may be able to point you at someone nearby who can give you a demo.


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Yes they are so designish! very flat... altough i wonder wether this would have a positive effect on the sound quality.
Demo them, you may be surprised. :)

and I can't seem to find prices anywhere.
The Monitors are about €1250 a pair, the minis about €870. The c1 is probably around €815, so it is definitely pushing the top-end of your budget if you factor in a sub as well. However if you are buying a set I am sure there is some leeway on this.

(note: the DF65-50s are the cheapest full range speaker and come in about €2500 a pair)


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I went back to my dealer

and decided to take, after listening to the two receivers and speakers of B&W and KEF:


A Denon AVR-2309 black


2 x B&W 686 backspeakers with mount on wall BLACK
2 x B&W 685 frontspeakers with stand BLACK
B&W HTM-62 frontspeaker BLACK
B&W ASW-610 speaker BLACK

i got a 8% discount on the total orderand the whole installation, setup, mounting is for free

total 3000 euro => 2300 £

I know it's more then i thought about, but I just decided i want the right gear. It's 1000 euro more then the BOSE, and I think all agreed: BOSE was not the way to go, plus now i have a very good receiver with it.


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Over here it would have cost less than £2000 so it looks like prices in your country are more expensive.

Anyway it will be a good step up from the Bose system so enjoy:thumbsup:

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