What speaker cable??


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Hi all, have just purchased a shiny spanking 46"lcd and bd-player and currently looking for a speaker package and a receiver and also need some speaker cable although I have no idea what is 'acceptable'!! room is 5m x 3m and the TV will be going on the narrow end wall so I will need approx 20metres (8 down each side and a couple of metres for the front and centre.

Could someone please point me in the right direction of some decent not too pricey cable. The system will mostly be used for movies although there will be music involved.

I am putting a new laminate floor down in the room and was thinking I could run the cable along the expansion joint at the edges of the room to hide it so it would help if it was fairly flat although not essential.

Basically just looking for a few ideas so I can get some ordered.

Thanks in advance.



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Probably not the most helpful comment you will get, but I'd never put laminate floor down in any room where I cared about the sound quality, unless I could cover it with a decent layer of carpet as well :)

I would suggest you go sort out the receiver and speakers then see if you can get a good deal on speaker cable at the same time.

If you really want to go ahead with the cable first then you might want to give people an idea of the sort of budget you had in mind.

You might also want to check out the power-buy section at the top of the forum as there are some decent offerings there as well.


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Yes you really need to give some more details of what setup you are thinking about. A very simplified example of why is that speakers can be bi-wired, whilst some cannot.


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