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What speaker cable and how long?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by garrad, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. garrad


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    Right I've got a Denon 3801 and Kef MK1 egg speakers in a 7.1 setup and I'm moving into a new place so i'm scrapping my old cable and buying some new stuff.

    So the questions:

    1) I measured and the furthest speaker is 12 metres from the amp running it along the walls. Is 12 metres too long for the cable?

    2)I'm moving to a rented place so I was going to buy 4 equal lengths to the back speakers. I've read earlier that the length doesn't make a difference, but if I move its nice to have some extra options. So onto this question, if I have cable a couple metres more than I need how is it best to wrap the cable. (I want to keep it 12 metres.)

    3)What speaker cable? I'm going to have two different types, one type for the front speakers and another slightly cheaper maybe for the back 4 speakers at 12 metres.
    I'm thinking about the QED Qontour Incognito which is flat cable from the rears and QED Original for the front three.

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