What sort of black out blinds for bay window ?


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Hi All

I'm looking at getting black out blinds for my lounge to reduce the ambient light

There is a bay window so do I put the blind inside the bay or on the outside of the bay ?

And in general should a blind sit inside a window frame or on the wall covering the window by a few inches each side ?

Just wondered what AVForums recommends ?




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If by blinds you mean what are typically referred to as Venetian Blinds, I don't think they can be true black out. Some light is always going to leak around them.

But that brings up the next aspect, do you really need true black out, or do you simply need to dim the room.

It would also help to see a photo of the Bay Window, so we knew what we were dealing with.

I would be inclined to suggest curtains, not only, if you get the right ones, will they block light, the have acoustical advantages that Blinds don't.

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I meant blinds as in pull down blinds ... not Venetian ones

at the mo I have some cheapo white blinds from IKEA

I'd prefer to not have to velcro black out material around the window frame

I'll take some pics and put them up on here over the weekend

hmmm curtains ... a curved curtain rail would solve the problem with the bay window that blinds would have

TBC ...


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Again, do you want true black out or just light dimming?

If you have a TV, the Dimming is probably enough. If you have a projector, the perhaps black out or near black out might be worth serious consideration.

I think those things that roll up and are pulled down are called Window Shades.

Shade usually come in two types. One that simply block the view of people into and out of the house, but does let light through, and the other is a light blocking type.

The problem is you need the Shades to go well beyond the edges of the window glass, or light will leak in around the edges. So, again - complete light block, or just room dimming?

As to curtains, it depends on how deep the bay window is. It is possible that they curtain could be on a bar much wider than the window and rather than contour it, it simply goes straight across. Closed to block light, and opened, it would still give full access to the window, but at the same time continue to soften the acoustics of the room.

Here is another product I found that might be helpful for you -

SHY - Black Out and Dim Out Blinds and Shades

Sorry, just realized someone else posted that link already.

Because these run in tracks, there would be little chance of light leaking around the edges. Don't know how expensive they are though.

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