What software supports multiple artists?

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    Morning everyone

    What music software supports multiple artists in MP3 files? Basically I have lots of tracks recorded by more than one artist and I want them listed in a music library under all the artists, not just one. So if I have tracks by artists A, B and C, and also tracks recorded jointly by A and B, B and C, etc., then when I look at all tracks recorded by B I want to see all those just recorded by B, and also those recorded with A and with C. Then under A all their own tracks and also those recorded with B. I just want to see everything an artist has done.

    Now I know Windows Media Player 9 and 10 does this - you just separate the artists by semicolons. That bit works brilliantly. But WMP also occasionally screws up my music library - in particular it has overwritten hundreds of my files with the wrong music label, and worse I've found loads of tracks have got the right year in WMP but the MP3 itself is a year earlier. I ripped some files in Musicmatch, imported them to WMP, entered the correct year of 2005 and it has written 2004 to all the tracks. Some of the tracks haven't been changed, so without consistency to it being wrong then I don't even know which ones are right and which to change without going back to the CDs. Argh. :mad:

    So if I can find some other music software to use instead then I'll feel safer! I've just got an iPod and really disappointed to see it and iTunes don't support multiple artists. What can I do instead?

    Any ideas on replacement software or a different way of labelling tracks will be really, really appreciated... you have no idea how much this is bugging me... :rolleyes:


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