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Jan 16, 2003
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Grays, Essex
Hi all.

Looking for some of your expert advice. :p

I'm awaiting to take delivery of my Panny AE200 and have measured that the PJ will be 11ft from where I intend to put a dedicated screen.

I was just wondering what the throw would be at a distance of 11ft?

What I would do is set up the pj on a table, and project onto the wall, and see how big the screen would go. Try various sizes of projected image. Sitting closer thatn 2 x screen width may start to reveal screendoor (gaps betwen pixels), so the above method can help in two ways.

Watch a few movies and see which size looks good, then buy a screen to match the size you liked.


A quick look at the throw chart would put an 80inch wide screen roughly in the middle of the min/max zoom, so provided you're sitting 13.5 ft or more away, that size might suit you.

Thanks guys.

Will probably wait until the PJ arrives, so I can gauge what size screen I'm gonna need to buy.
Just rigged it up guys and OMG!!! This is my first projector and I'm projecting it onto my folks wall, which isn't the best surface, but the image quality through an RGB lead is astounding, but I still need a screen - does anyone do them at 270cms across?

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