What size screen should I get?




I'm looking to buy a PJ screen pretty soon and wondered which size I should get and what will be the maximum viewing size of the image? The distance from the sofa to the screen will be about 10ft, I am looking at buying the Infocus IN76 projector shortly after christmas.

I want to know what size to get as I am completing on a new house next week and the first job is a complete re-wire, re-plumb and re-decoration before we move in. As such I want to run the cables for the screen and get it mounted behind a pelmet as part of the re-furbishment work. I know I'm probably doing it arse about face, but I can't afford the time or money to spank out on the PJ and screen, I can afford the screen though.

Any advice appreciated.


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To see the SMPTE & THX suggested screen sizes for your viewing distance have a look at this calculator

Just scroll down and enter the viewing distance and aspect ratio, and it will calculate your optimum viewing size for SMPTE & THX standards. THX works out bigger than SMPTE's.

After that go to the Infocus website & it should have a calculator where you can enter the distance the IN76 will be, and it will give you the minimum & maximum projected size possible for that distance.
See here

Just make sure you select the IN76 from the 'Select a model' menu, and enter the correct aspect ratio.

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