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I've bought an Espon eb-w05, mainly because I wanted a bright projector for some outside viewing. When trying it out, It looks awesome indoors on my kitchen white wall, so I'm now thinking about getting a pull down screen for my living room. But I'm a bit confused about the size, or more specifically the aspect ratio of the screen. I can work out the projected screen size based on the online throw calculator, but most screens are either 16:9 or 4:3 and this projector is 16:10. How would this look on a 16:9 screen, or does it also depend on the input source (I'll be using HDMI from a Sky Box)? Or am I better off getting 4:3 screen, but don't pull it down all the way so that it effectively becomes 16:10?!

Sorry if these are stupid questions!


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16:10 is really a projector for computer screens eg in meeting rooms, board rooms and such. no harm using for what you do. it will likely only display the 16:9 part if sent a 16:9 signal. Have a look see what it does with plugging in a blu-ray player or something :)

screens are just like the canvas. it can be any size you want. some just use a blank wall. for a projector like this. if have a blank wall i would likely just use that for starters... if you are considering screens you can use some masking tape on the wall to see what it would like to reduce or enlarge to any screen size or dimension you are considering. far better to do this on a blank wall rather than get a screen and then realise its the wrong size or perspective. etc. especially since screens are literally worthless 2nd hand... and maybe 2nd hand is a consideration for purchase. there are usually very cheap screens available 2nd hand.... and likely ideal for this use.


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Thanks... I think you've answered what I'm looking for! It will display 16:9 if sent a 16:9 signal, so a 16:9 screen will be fine - But I will check and measure by plugging in to my HDMI.

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