What Size RPTV for My Room? - Pics Inside

What size tv shall I get?

  • 51" Toshiba RPTV

    Votes: 5 83.3%
  • 57" Toshiba RPTV

    Votes: 1 16.7%

  • Total voters


I am thinking of getting a new tv, the current tv that I have is a 36" Sony CRT one. I have decided on a toshiba RPTV for my new one but I can't decide on what size to get. My viewing distance is about 8 - 9 feet sitting in a sofa. I have freeview and sky and also a pc right next to the tv (hence office chair) I play to use this tv roughly the following percentage wise:

80% Watching Sky Channels or Freeview Alternative for better quality
20% Linking to my pc via S-Video; and watching films by using dvd-rom on pc. In future, I may buy a dvd-player.

I was thinking what would sky/freeview look like blown up this big, apparently according to some reviews its okish with a good scart cable. (Mental Note: Do not get Monster cables!)

Please give me your opinion if I should get the 51" model or the 57" model; will the 57" model be too big i.e. quality poor on sky/freeview because image blown up too much? - Compare BBC channels to Mtv etc.

Here is some pictures of how much room the tv has, remember I must be able to get past!


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This is what I estimate the front tv faces to be like; am I roughly correct size wise?


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i have a 12' by 13' room and have a 42" tosh at the moment.
It looks perfect and gives a wonderful PQ.
I decided to get a newer model and went for the 57".
I also sit about 9 feet away from it.
When it turned up, it looked a lot bigger than it did in the shop and i had trouble trying to place it somewhere, where it did not stick out to much............of course, haveing such a small room, i was fighting a losing battle.
The PQ was good with DVD and some sky channels, but most sky channels were near enough unwatchable, with being so close.
I sent it back the next day and have now got a 51" on its way to me, so will see how i get on with that.

I think you need a really big room.............atleast 30' long and about 20' wide to get the best out of the 57".
i want something bigger than the 42 and hope that the 51 will be ok.............i was really looking for a 46" TV, but cannot seem to find one that gives as good a pic as the tosh, so am going to stick with them for the next couple of years ( although i said that when i got the 42" and a year later i'm replaceing it...........dam this HC hobby and i need a cure for the upgrade bug).


My room is big like 15' x 40' but thats other stuff there e.g. computer etc.
I was thinking of getting a 51" then, but as we know this is a tweakers set. Some of the tweaks say to remove the front of the screen and stuff, is this safe? (Capacitors)


Everyone voted 51" apart from me who voted 57" lol!
Wheres the best place to get it from then?
I heard that a 51WH38 is out soon? Any difference?

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