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I currently have a 28" Widscreen (which is too small) and was looking at a FQ75 (32") but I am wondering if this is big enough? My sofa is currently 12 foot / 3 meters from the TV - I have had a look at the FQ76 (36") but it is £500 more and not as good looking (too me). But I just don't think the 32" is going to be enough - is there a way of working out what screen size you should go for?


A 36'' would be preferable however they are suseptable to geometry issues at that size (and above).I'd tread with caution and look at 32''s ---------------------------- and then wished i'd bought a 36'' :D


I've been told that you should buy the biggest screen you can afford - but this supposes that you don't use the TV room for anything but watching TV!!!

I bought an FQ75 and thought the size was ok. When I had to return though because of a focus problem I thought paying 2000 for an FQ80 was steep and thought it better to spend the money on a bigger TV.

I now have a 36FS76 and think it is great. My room is L shaped and the sofa is at an angle to the TV. The further point of the sofa is 3m from the TV and the nearest is 1.2 metres.

It sounds like your room is much bigger than mine, but the TV certainly does not seem excessively big. I think I would pay the extra for the 36 inch - and in any event I certainly wouldn't buy an FQ75.

Good luck



Originally posted by CarlosTheJackel
Cheers for the replys - I have decided on the 36":)

see you soon :D


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Have a look at RPs too. 42" should do you niceley.

I recently upgraded from 32" to 40" and have never looked back.

With a 42" RP then 42" is what you get corner to corner viewing area, where as a 36" CRT will give you anything from "34-35".


I'd go for the biggest tv you can afford.
I have a Sony 36FS70 and I'm finding that too small now.
Bigger is better.;)

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