What size of screen do you have?


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Just interested in collecting information on what projector people use and what screen size they project? Are you happy with the results?


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I have a Panny ae500, and the screen is 72" wide.
I'm very pleased with it at the moment, but i might re-organise the room later in the year and put the pj further away, to give a 92" wide screen:D .


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Z2 with 72" screen


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Z2 with DRH 92" 16:9 screen


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Z2 onto DRH 91inch wide (105 diag) 16:9

Paul Williams

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X1 with a 60 inch (wide) Draper HC Grey screen

The Nightfly

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NEC HT1100 in eco-mode with iris fully shut down. Matte-white 1.2 gain screen, 66" wide.

Viewing distance 1.8x screen width.



Z2 with 84inch wide screen


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HS10 70" wide fixed screen, home made.
Cheap as chips!


Z2 with 72" wide blackout blind (temp), and a 84" wide Draper pull-down (not permantly fixed).


HS20 projecting image size of 84" wide on a white wall atm. Will do a DIY job when the image quality starts to bother me.

G a f f e r

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Panny AE500e

72" wide DRH screen


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Z1 with a 120" diagonal image projecting onto a matt white painted wall.Very happy with the results, no ripples unlike my brother in laws Z1 with home made screen made from blackout material ripples are very obvious.

Untill a reasonable priced purpose made screen with no ripples or curles becomes available I am more than happy with my no cost painted wall.

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