What size of screen do you have?


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Feb 4, 2004
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Just interested in collecting information on what projector people use and what screen size they project? Are you happy with the results?
I have a Panny ae500, and the screen is 72" wide.
I'm very pleased with it at the moment, but i might re-organise the room later in the year and put the pj further away, to give a 92" wide screen:D .
Z2 with 72" screen
Epson TW100 and a 106" 16x9 da-lite.
Z2 with DRH 92" 16:9 screen
X1 with a 60 inch (wide) Draper HC Grey screen
NEC HT1100 in eco-mode with iris fully shut down. Matte-white 1.2 gain screen, 66" wide.

Viewing distance 1.8x screen width.

Z2 with 84inch wide screen
HS10 70" wide fixed screen, home made.
Cheap as chips!
Z2 with 72" wide blackout blind (temp), and a 84" wide Draper pull-down (not permantly fixed).
HS20 projecting image size of 84" wide on a white wall atm. Will do a DIY job when the image quality starts to bother me.
Panny AE500e

72" wide DRH screen
Z1 with a 120" diagonal image projecting onto a matt white painted wall.Very happy with the results, no ripples unlike my brother in laws Z1 with home made screen made from blackout material ripples are very obvious.

Untill a reasonable priced purpose made screen with no ripples or curles becomes available I am more than happy with my no cost painted wall.

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