what side of neutral is the roksan kandy k2 amp on?


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i'm planning on upgrading my rega brio3 with the kandy. my source is an arcam fmjcd17 and also b&w 685 speakers. thank you.


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Don't you already have a thread about this?

Short answer is fast side (I don't think "bright" applies to the K2) and should bring more excitement to the party than your Brio - which is still a fine amp.

You should visit a friendly hifi store and take a K2 home for a demo with your kit in your room.


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thanks for the reply. i posted a thread before but no replys so i tried again. do you think the kandy k2 is a worthwhile step up to the brio? also how do you think the k2's will work with the b&w's?


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Roksan Kandy kit is nice, and should go well with the B&W's.

As a Rega fan (I have their new Saturn CD player), I would say check out the Mira, but I think the problem would still be the B&W's - not that they're bad sounding, far from it, I just don't think you'll get that 'match'...:)

The Arcam CD player would be fine (infact, I'm going to audition my Saturn with an FMJ C31 preamp and 2 x FMJ P1 monoblocks later this week on some Focal Electra 1027 speakers).

I think you should play safe and go with the Roksan amplifier:thumbsup:


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great , thanks for that. the problem with my current system is that some music sounds ok and other stuff sound's just ok but nothing special! i was thinking about auditioning the rega rs1 bookshelf speakers, but my gut feeling is telling me to go withh the roksan upgrade because i basically want to power my 685's to the best of their potenial. in your opinon, what will the sonic presentation be if i do plump for the kandy k2?

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