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What should I do?


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Hello all - I got a MC500 JVC camcorder for my 30th. Whilst it was tiny and looked amazing, I was put off by the fact you only get 1hr recording (at best quality) on a 4Gb media card. Plus, they're £100+ each :eek:

So I sent it back.

I now plan to get the JVC MG505 - which is essentially the same camcorder, but with a 30Gb HDD built in.

However, I see High Def camcorders on the way - not with HDD though.

Should I get the JVC?

Should I wait for Sony's HD camcorders to arrive with HDD?

Any suggestions?



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HD camcorders (tape based) are already here. HDD HD camcorders in October

The MG505 is similar price (a bit more) than the HDV Sony HC3. The new Sony HD HDD ( AVCHD ) cam will be a similar price. I wouldn't spend £800 on a SD cam when you can get a HD one for the same price....

So then it depends on how much of a hurry you are in, and how much you want a HDD based camcorder.


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Here is an interesting article about tape (vs HDD or memory)
http://www.eventdv.net/Articles/ReadArticle.aspx?C ategoryID=108&ArticleID=11541

Disclaimer: I have a Sony HC1 (HDV tape)..... so while I try to keep an open mind I'm sure subconsciously I don't want to lust after a HDD one. And I see the attraction of HDD.. and tape seems "old fashioned". But tape has some advantages over HDD. If you go on holiday and shoot lots of footage and fill your HDD, it may not be easy to dump it off. And then there is the issue of how to archive your footage. I believe tape to be a more reliable long term storage than say DVD... with shooting tape, I keep all my original tapes, I also make a edited master on tape... and I also make a DVD. If I shoot on a HDD I'll be sure to make an edited DVD.. but would have no other media to store the material.

It's like the HDD on your PC.. it's great, but you need to back it up. When you shoot tape you have a backup immediately.


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I've now found an alternative that's far cheaper!!

Pocket sized HDD enclosures are available (scan.co.uk sell them for £18)


and with a suitable 2.5" HDD you can have a pocket sized 60gb storage solution for about £70 which allows you to back up your microdrive whilst out and about, the unit can use AA batteries and is just plugged into the camera/camcorder and a button just needs to be pressed, it's brilliant!

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