What should I do? recalculating my Macro/kcal, 4th week of working out. Losing fat.


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Hi All,

currently been working out for 4 weeks, following a macro-based generative meal plan based on my BMR and calorie intake. Removed 500kcal from my foods and burned 500kcal in resistance and HIIT workouts. 1000Kcal deficit each day with 1 or 2 days break light walking on those days.

so far, I have lost 5.5 pounds over the 4 weeks. Though I noticed on week 3.5 my weight wasn't shifting in the trajectory I presumed. I know I have to redo my macros and meal plan at the end of the 4 weeks which I am about to now. But when using a BMR calculator it asks you about the activity level. I now work out between 4 - 5 times a week, but if I set the calculator to 4-5 times a week it boosts my calorie intake, higher than what initially started with.

The thing is I need to lose fat, I am 5ft 7 weighing 237.5 pounds atm. So what should I do? should I just recalculate my BMR but set the level of exercise to sedentary not moving and remove 500kcals of that?

4 weeks ago I weighed 243 pounds and was sedentary no exercise, BMR was 2180kcal - 500 = 1680 - 1700kcal food intake.

Current weight (237.5) Now the BMR on sedentary is 2015kcal - 500kcal = 1565kcal. So should I just go with this kcal? as my new food intake?

Technically if I change my activity level to working out it will ask me to eat more food beyond my BMR, however, I need to lose fat, not gain.

Just confused on this part on what to do next. Your advice and help are much appreciated.

Thanks to all in advance who respond.


Sounds like you are ok just doing what you are doing.
If you are losing it then keep like this for a few months before changing anything.

Some days you may lose more then others, you may even put some back on again, but its the over all picture you need to look at.

Our bodies are very clever. If they sense that they are not getting as much fuel as they are used to then they will try and hold on to what they already have (in the form of fat, muscle etc) because they think that they are going into a starvation mode.
They may even burn muscle before fat.
What you have to do is tell your body that its till going to get food, but only less, so it now gets used to this smaller amount and dips into its store (fat) as its needed.
This can take many many months.

If you try to lose too much too quickly by under eating then you will lose muscle and fat and will yo-yo with your weight as your body wont get used to its new eating regime.

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