What should i choose between Sony Xh95, Samsung q90t/q95t, lg CX.


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I am thinking about new tv, got 32" like 12 years old or even older LG led tv. Got xbox one s. I won't use PS5. But will watch some movies, netflix. Room will be dark with closed curtains at evening and daytime it will be vright but not direct sunlight. So i need 55", but can't choose, price are similar here in Lithuania.

LG 55CX 1200 euros
Samsung Q90T/Q95T 1170/1270 euros
Sony Xh95 1200 euros.

I wantched so many reviews and i am so lost right now.. My head is gonna explode.


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for peace of mind the XH95 but expect some blooming dark watching the CX will be better.


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I would go for the LG CX. The Samsung has long standing micro stutter issues which is doubtful whether Samsung will resolve (big thread in Samsung forums). The Sony is decent but hasn't got a massive amount of dimming zones so will exhibit some blooming. As long as you don't watch a load of 24hr News or lots of content with subtitles then the OLED shouldn't get burn in and you'll benefit from inky blacks. (I currently have a 55 inch Samsung Q90R and a Sony 48 inch OLED).


The LG CX is better value for you. The other two TVs use LCD TV technology that has more drawbacks for most people than OLED.

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