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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by JLAMERTON, Aug 22, 2005.


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    Aug 22, 2005
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    I currently have the following and would like some advice as to any good ideas on how to do the following, like a deal and on a budget no 2K amps for me but do have a few quid to do this.

    Currently have
    SKY+ 160
    DVD Recorder
    Toshiba RX-V392RDS
    2 Decent B&W Speakers
    1 x Bose VCS-10
    2 x Bose 161
    20" LCD with PC input
    Panasonic TH-42PA50E
    PC Server with Wireless
    Linksys Wireless G Gateway

    Moving into a 2 bed flat with 20 x 25 foot lounge

    Bedroom 1 likes
    TV with access to SKY+ and hard disk
    Streamed Audio from server

    Bedroom 2 likes
    TV with access to SKY+ (where office will be)
    Streamed Audio from server

    Streamed Audio in bathroom????


    Decent surround sound
    Streamed Audio from server
    This is where the Plasma is and i would like to have the nice glass cabinet in a different area from the screen and unsure about what the best connection to use is SCART component etc keep getting conflicting advice in mags.

    Where possible don't want to rip up laminate floor walls but if needs must and no choice then would

    Help before i turn into a miss mash of video senders

    thanks anyone who reads

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