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    I have posted several items and have always received a great response thankyou for that.Here is my dilema - I am really set on going down the projector route and until recently I was going to buy a new one something like the Ellie or Sony etc.Unfortunately my wifes car has been stolen and I dont have that sort of money anymore but I still want a projector !! My room is 13ft by 20ft and the screen would drop down in front of a window which has blackout material on the curtains(Ihave a Sony 41"rp TV now).I will be watching with some ambient light and the projector could go on the ceiling and be about 14ft from the screen.I will be watching mainly Sky sports and DVD on my Pioneer 636.I guess it would make sense to have an electric screen.The advice I am looking for is what I should buy Used as I now have around £1000 to spend give or take a bit.Where can I go to get a good choice.I keep looking at Loot etc. Whilst I realise this is not a Forum for selling things maybe somebody out there has something that might interest me if you do you could Email me at [email protected] or has any body got any good advice.Any help is very welcome as I am like everybody else and once I have an idea in my head I cant sleep until I get it (how sad is that)Thanks in advance

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