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What should I buy?


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Apologies if this is a duplicate thread

Im a bit drunk and looking for an impulse purchase

I p[lanned to buy the original version of Guitar Hero, with Guitar for PS3 for about £50 - then I saw this:

Rock Band: Band in a Box (PS2/PS3): Amazon.co.uk: PC & Video Games

Its Rock Band: Band in a box for £70

Im not the sharpest knife when it comes to this sort of thing so can someone please tell me what I should buy? I played the original GH for PS3 and though it was good fun, I also have DJ Hero for PS3

Are they all by the same company so one is very mcuh like the other or are they different

Sorry for such a vague post but hopefully someone can put me right on this


Fat Tony

Stephen Carter

AVF Games Reviewer
Rock Band is by Harmonix (original GH makers) whilst GH is Activision i believe. The band in a box for 70 quid doesnt seem too bad but id say buy the GH instruments as they are better quality and the GH drums are so much quieter than that of RB.

richard plumb

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I've played both, and much prefer rock band.

But I play with a GH guitar and rock band drums.

guitars are interchangable, but drums are different and I'd recommend getting the drums that match the game.

so if you want to play drums, I'd get that Rock Band kit, see how you like the guitar and maybe keep an eye out for a cheap GH guitar.

If you aren't bothered about drums (they're ace BTW), then I'd buy rock band 2 software, and a cheap GH guitar

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