Question What should I buy? Turntable or Speakers on Amazon?

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by davidb2002, Jun 15, 2015.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've recently received £100 worth of Amazon vouchers and i'm trying to decide how the best spend it to upgrade my exisiting setup...or lack of..

    I currently have a Crosley Cruiser Executive record player which I bought this time last year. It's done well by re-igniting the passion I had for vinyl when I was a teenager. However, it became clear pretty quickly that the sound quality wasn't all there. On top of that, i've read a few things which claim the needle on these are pretty nasty to records. This worries me the most!

    So, I've been trying to decide how best to spend £100 on Amazon. I'm ideally looking for a Turntable + 2-piece Active Bluetooth Speaker setup as space is pretty tight and it seems the most minimal of possible setups. However, bluetooth is optional. Ideally, I should be able to upgrade the needle on the turntable with an aftermarket. This is something I wish I had researched before buying the Crosley.

    So, with what is on offer on Amazon, what would you guys recommend spending £100 Amazon Voucher on? I generally listen to alternative rock, indie rock and classic souther rock.

    Here is some options i've found so far:

    - (speakers) Edifier R1280T Wired Active
    - (speakers) Trevi AV 540 Home Cinema 80W Bookshelf Active Speaker
    - (speakers) Blaupunkt BT 105 / Blaupunkt BT 105e

    - (turntable) SoundLAB Professional USB Belt Drive Turntable with Plastic Platter, Lid and Audacity Software

    My thought is that perhaps I get some speakers first and then purchase a 2nd turntable on ebay.

    Recommendations welcome!

    Thanks in advance!

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