What should I buy for replacment?


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So today my beloved son smashed his toy on my Sony KD-55XE9005 and I need to get something ASAP.


I am not bothered about smart functions becasue I will be using it with Apple TV 4K and Xbox Series X.
Things that I care about is HDR picture quality. I was happy with XE9005 and I don't want to downgrade, but I am on tight budget now. What should I get for about ~£600?! I am looking for 55 inch size screen.

Please help :)


Only way you'll get something comparable would be second hand or a refurb deal:

Although the new XH9005 from 2020 doesn't have the same HDR picture quality as your current TV.

Buying new 600 isn't usually a good figure to spend. Too little for high tier TVs, and too high to get a TV conceivably better than much cheaper options. The best bang for buck HDR picture quality TVs are the Hisense U7Q and U8Q. The U7Q would be a downgrade with HDR versus your current TV, the U8Q can actually get a lot brighter, and will have very good HDR picture quality but at the expense of poorer motion and a know red ghosting problem.

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