What settings for the IF 5700?


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I don´t know what deinterlacing and gamma settings I should choose for the 5700. I watch PAL and NTSC movies, maybe I should have 2 stored settings, one for each?

I have truelife, ccs and noise reduction off, but I´ll probably use them for watching TV.

But when watching DVD which do I have on: "2:2/3:2 Enable", "NTSC 2:2 Pulldown", "NTSC 48Hz" ?

And which gamma setting should I choose?

I´m currently using a Pio 737 DVD player, using a component cable and send out interlaced so the 5700 can use it´s superiour deinterlacing. I wonder if I should be noticing the CUE, or if the FLI is masking it up.+

p.s. Does the user settings store all different settings?

Peter Baker

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I am also struggling a bit with settings. The factory defaults are not bad at all though. I have left the TrueLife off, and stuck with 6500 gamma. I have slightly moved the colour levels, but really only tweaking.
I guess the settings will depend on the room, and obviously the screen. I am using an Owl 7ft screen. I think the gain is 1:1
Very interested in hearing anybody else's views/experience.

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