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what setting on tv for w/s ?

Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by i like things, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. i like things

    i like things

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    i have a philips 28pw9616 w/s tv.

    until recently if i put it into 4/3 mode, left it a minute then moved it to "automatic" the tv would automatically go to either "widescreen" mode if the channel was w/s or 4/3 if it was 4/3

    however since sky went widescreen on their movie channels and lost sky ms-w/s it doesnt matter what channel im watching via my ntl cable box the tv goes either into superzoom (that makes a widescreen picture go out past its logos) regardless of whether its a w/s show or not, or if i put it in 4/3 then wait and put it into automatic it stays 4/3 even if its bbc news 24 or another w/s channel

    the tv is connected as it always has been via scart and the ntl box is set for w/s output...

    whats happened? is ntl sending the wrong trigger codes?

    which setting should i leave it in and how?

    oh, and i seem to be seeong a lot of shows eg rise no matter what mode it is in with the logos not fully on the screen, or films with titles starting and ending off the screen....

    its only started happening over the last month or so, the tv is 18 months old...

    there was a ntl cr3 update (mr1 service pack) about that time. is that the fault ???

    hope someone can help! thanks
  2. mediamogul

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    Jan 25, 2002
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    I have a Philips 36pw925 I keep the automatic mode off,the tv switches between 16/9 and 4/3 quite happily. Thats sky+ and DVD on RGB and everything else on SVHS through my Denon 3801,hope this helps.

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