What set up do you suggest I buy?

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Sep 27, 2002
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I am going to upgrade within the next few weeks and wanted to know what set up people recomend so I have a shortlist for when I go.
I have been thinking of buying the Denon 2803 with the Kef 2005.2 speakers set up and buy an extra speaker for 6.1.
My bedroom is 12ft by 10ft square. I will be using the system for gaming, watching movies and sky+.
My dvd player is a Sony 900NV if that helps.

As I have said I have a square room just wandering where is the ideal place to position the speakers. I was thinking of have 3 speakers on the front wall about 4 feet high equal distance apart and the back 2 speakers on either side of the wall rather than on the back wall 4 feet up with the 6th speaker going on the back wall.
Your Receiver/speakers are a pretty-much spot on match in both price and performance terms. I can't think of a receiver better suited to the eggs than the 2803. Try Sevenoaks, as they've recently dropped their prices of both the eggs and the AVR2803 to £699 and £489 respectively.

RE: Speaker Placement - the front three speakers should be mounted onto the front wall and at a height which brings their tweeters in-line with your seated ear level. The Surround L/R speakers should be on the side walls 3-4ft above your seated ear level, slightly behind your listening position. The single surround back speaker should be placed higher up on the rear wall than the two L/R surround speakers and angled downward slightly into the listening room. There'll be more information about this in the manual of the AVR2803.
Creative Audio have some good package deals on the eggs, in particular:


Not a lot cheper thn Sevenoaks, but you do get lots of cables thrown in too. Sevenoaks or Audio-T might price-match it (with the cables) if you ask though.


(A happy Kef 2005.2 owner)
Thanks guys. I read one hi fi magazine saying how the 2803 was not that loud and how it rated the Marrantz 5400 better. I have my heart set on the 2803 most magazines rate it as the best amp from last year.
There is a sevenoakes about 25 miles from me so I will give them a try tomorow. I have seen the 2803 for £450 and the Kefs I think I have seen them for £650 hopefully they can offer me a good deal especially if I pay cash :D .
I wouldn't worry about the 'loudness' factor with the 2803, I've heard it with the Kef Eggs and it easily went loud enough to sustain an enthrawling sound field.

I wouldn't worry too much about bartering sevenoaks prices down. Just because these products are available for £50 less online it doesn't mean it's best to buy online. I pay extra for products from sevenoaks for the assurity of knowing I've bought from a good dealer who'll help me out if something goes wrong with the product, aswell as understanding my tastes and situation when it comes to upgrading. Saying that they'll probably be flexible with their pricing anyway, just try not to get too frustrated if they don't 'match' the prices you've seen online.
Originally posted by Dimmy
I wouldn't worry about the 'loudness' factor with the 2803, I've heard it with the Kef Eggs and it easily went loud enough to sustain an enthrawling sound field.

I'll second that - I've got a set of eggs running of a Denon 1804, and that goes plenty loud enough!

In fact, I'd recommend having a listen to the 1804 against the 2803 and seeing if you think the 2803 is worth the extra (although it's probably a better bet if you're planning to upgrade in the near future).

Thanks guys, I will purchase the new kit next week or the week after but will go for a listen tomorow.
I will ask if they can throw in some decent speaker leads instead of dropping the price. I cant wait to get the kit the better the sound the more into your films you get.
I want to get th best I can afford as I dont want to upgrade for about 4 years.
Excellent :smashin: - let us know how you get on :).
Just got back from sevenoakes in Bedford and ordered the Denon 2803 in gold £480 and the kef 2005.2 in silver £700. I might have got them cheaper or with the cables elsewhere but he gave me good advice and was not trying to con me out of money for example he said there is no need in paying £10 a metre for speaker cable £5 a metre is more than good enough.

I was told to go for the Denon 3803 if I could afford the extra £150. I heard the fith element superbit version and though it was not loud (I did not turn them up too loud) I thought the sound was very clear and that it is what I want clairty and qaulity not loudness.
The Kef speakers are quite heavy and I was told my bedroom 12ft by 10ft wiould be ok for a 7.1 set up but I am not so sure. I was told to have 3 speakers at the front and 3 at the back not one speaker on each of the side walls unless I was going for a 7.1 set up.

I have paid my deposit, I had my heart on this system and feel no matter what I would have heard this is the system that magazines have rated and I like the look of and sound of so must have it. I hope the system will last me 4 years, I wont buy any more magazines because everytime I go out and buy one there is always somehting in there that I want.
Excellent. Yes, sevenoaks are an extremely helpful bunch on the whole.

I wouldn't bother upgrading to the 3803 were I you. The sound through the eggs will be almost identical as per the 2803. Unless you need some of the extra features of the 3803 then stick with the 2803, it's more than good enough.

And this setup should easily last you four years :smashin:.

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