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Well the time has finally come - I can afford to replace our Hitachi 32" WS TV with something a bit nicer.

I've looked the possibility of getting an RPTV in the past - see here - but light considerations and an enthusiastic two year old screen banger make this a no go. :(

Budget is around £2.5k - I could stretch to £3k only if an exceptional deal was available.

I want as large a screen as possible, plus furniture / stand for it to go on and to put my sources on.

Sources I currently have are Sky Digital (replace with Sky+ eventually), XBox, GameCube and a bog standard Nicam VCR. If I can be convinced the picture returns are worth it I could return my Pioneer DV 717 to the front room rather than have the XBox as a DVD player.

I don't know much about things like Progressive Scan and how I could use them with my sources - but if I can get it within budget and make use of it easily then I'm interested.

Sound is important - I don't have a receiver or speakers currently so anything would be a step up from my current TV. I don't want to overload the plugpoints so I'd like to avoid a separate set of receiver/speakers.

I'm a real novice at this, despite lurking for a few months on these fora. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Hmm, it does look a bargain, but I think it would probably be less two-year-old-proof than a RPTV.

I think I might wait for a 36” KV-36FQ80 when I can find a shop that stocks them, and when I know there will be no SB problem.

Thanks for the link.
What is the difference between the 36FS76 and the 36FQ80?

oops posted to wrong thread! :( sorry.

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