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What sealed headphones - approx £30?


Novice Member
I'm looking at getting a pair of headphones for music listening at home and maybe at times for a bit of gaming but am not sure quite what to go for.

I would be plugging into the headphone socket on my AV amp, a Marantz SR5000, music would be either coming from my CD player or my comp. I think I'd be wanting some sealed/noise cancelling ones so I can be in my own world of music.

Not looking to spend too much on them (probably about £30 max) but would like some that are well made, are comfy and sound good.

Have read a few reviews of Sennheiser HD201s which seem to be a bargain. Any one with any experience of them? ANy other options

Also, I have read a fair bit about headphone amps, would I need one or will my amp be ok for the task?

Any help very much appreciated.


andrew markwort

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Headphone amps are designed to offer a better amplification of the signal to your headphones than is offered by the headphone socket on your amp. To be frank, you won't notice this advantage unless you have a very expensive set of headphones and player. And in all honesty, if you have that sort of set-up, chances are you'll have an equally expensive amp that will have a headphone output that is at worst only marginally inferior to a headphone amp. If you are going to listen to headphones a great deal, then a headphone amp may be a sound idea (once you have the kit to go with it), but if you're only going to listen sporadically, then it probably isn't a high priority.

The Sennheisers you mention are fine. I have a pair of Sony MDR-XD200 'phones that I use occasionally on the computer, and they give a perfectly respectable sound for the price (circa £20 at Argos). This is NOT meant to sound patronising, but don't expect miracles in this price range. You should hear some solid respectable sounds, but you won't get the wow! factor unless you spend a great deal more.


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The Sennheiser HD201 are not bad for the price and are a little light in both build quality and sound. You won't need a headphone amp for them and they don't benefit much from using one.

You could do a lot worse than go up a bit in price range and get the Sennheiser HD595, which are far better but still don't make a headphone amp mandatory (though they will improve a tad wth one).


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How are the likes of the 201 and 515/595 when used with the headphone out on a TV as opposed to an amp? My current 5.1 amp doesn't have an headphone out so I'm limited to the one on my Toshiba 37WLT68 LCD for my 360/ps3.



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The new Sennheiser HD515 is a mediocre sounding, but comfortable open headphone.
Detail is fairly bland and lacks punch and dynamics.

I suggest Beyerdynamic: DTX800

The DTX 800 is the midrange model in Beyers Trend Line headphone range. They have a lightweight, semi-circumaural design with plush earpads and swiveling earcups. These headphones have a fairly dark presentation with very impactful bass response, fantastic for dance/trance or electronica. Very easily driven from portables or computer soundcards so no amplification is required.
A good choice for PC users.


Sennheiser HD 25-SP 11 Pro, they work happily from the TV headphone socket

See my response to 'Brendetta'


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Thanks I'll have a look at both of them.

Noticed your from Brisbane. I'm moving out there next year, just waiting for my visa to come through. You like it?

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