What screen????????



I'm about to buy a screen and have seen some threads discussing creasing and untrue 16:9 dimensions!

I'm new to all this and just wanna make sure I buy a decent quality screen for under £1000.

Advice on where to buy would also be great to get that all important bargain if possible.

Plus what makes a good screen? What are the main differences from a screen thats about £300 to one thats £1000.

Yes I know - I am not very knowledgeable on this subject thats why i need advice!!!



have u read throu this thread.

it seems quite a few have brought it and are very happy with it too..

i too am looking at getting a PJ and screen for the first time.

though i cant get a 100" one. too big for wall i will put it on.

75" will have to be....


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Just in case you are interested I have a Stewart Screen for Sale on the AV Forums for £700, it has a viewable image of 84" and was custom made from Studiotek 130 material.

Not sure how to add the link to my ad sorry.

Many thanks

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