What scene to test dialogue? Particularly sub.


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I'm going to moving the Sub around the room and was after something good to test dialogue.

Speakers are old Kef Eggs, so for deep voices I imagine the sub is helping them out.

I wants the sound to appear to be coming from the front (i.e. the TV).

Any suggestions of scenes from popular folms/TV to test out dialogue as I move the sub around?

I'll be testing deeper frequencies and effects with Stark Trek 2009 and Bad Boys II



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I remember a reviewer mentioning Whiplash (2014) to test dialogue. Not seen the film so cant drill down to ideal scenes


Try Candyman, the guy in that has a supremely deep voice, when he's talking to her in the car park is a scene I specifically remember.


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It is intense. A demonstration of an obsessive near psychopath, and opposite him, an obsessive youngster desperate to succeed. It's a well executed film and well acted. Good sound as well, particularly if you like jazz.

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