What Revo to go for??


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Guys planning on going down the Revo route

Unsure on what to go for though either the new 3700 or the older model as they can be had alot cheaper now.

What i want it to be able to do is the following
Windows 7
Run Media Portal
1080p 24 on 52" plasma
Output Dolby DTS etc via HDMI (lossless if possible)
BBC iplayer HD and other on demand services.

And that is it

What is the best cheapest model to go for i dont need hdd size as the internal will only be used for OS only all media will be via usb attached Storage.



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I wouldn't go the revo route at all.

You do get extra speed, but loose trim support.

Weighing the two up, I'd rather keep trim support.


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Output Dolby DTS etc via HDMI (lossless if possible)

Someone will correct me if i'm wrong but i believe DD and DTS are lossy formats so even passing them straight through to your receiver won't be lossless.

Do you mean the new HD formats (TrueHD and DTS-MA)? If so the revo can't bitstream those as it doesn't have the hardware. It can only output those as LPCM. This LPCM will be downsampled though.

BBC iplayer HD and other on demand services.
This is dependant on service last time i checked. Flash supports GPU decoding which enables an Ion based system to playback HD flash content. However last time i tried the BBC stuff was broken.

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