What receivers support 4ohm speaker on center channel while having 8ohm speakers on side channels?


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I want to connect a 4ohm speaker to the center channel but 8ohm speakers to the side channels. Do recent home cinema receivers usually support this? Or only some, or none you've seen? I'd probably need a way to adjust the volume per channel to account for the lower impedance on the center which would be louder than the sides. Any tips or recommendations?


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I have a center speaker that is 4 Ohm and my other speakers are 6 Ohm. Most modern AVR’s can handle this no problem. I have a Marantz SR7013. You do not need to make adjustments as the Room EQ system will do this for you, but you want the center to be a bit stronger for dialogue anyway. I am sure one of our seasoned members will also provide a better explanation as I am not an expert.


It should not prove a problem. Leave the amp on an 8 ohm setting.


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There's also no real reason why you cannot mix the impedance of the speakers being powered by the AV receiver. The speakers should be levelled indepently of one another anyway and the receiver's own auto calibration will take care of this for you if the receiver has such a feature? You'd nort prdinarilly set the speakers all at the same levels and the levels relate to equalling their SPL relative to your primary seated listening position. Even if their impedance were the same no two speakers will be the same distance from where you are sat so each will be levelled accordingly.


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So, as has been said many times keep the impedance switch on 8 ohms.
If your 4 ohm and 8 ohm speakers have a similar efficiency, the 4 ohm will be 3 dB louder. This will be easily adjust in you auto calibration.

Just a technical not. The impedance switch does not, in fact change the impedance! *
On the 4 ohm setting it reduces the supply voltage so you can’t overheat the amplifier.
Conclusion- always keep it on 8 ohms and keep your receiver ventilated.

* Valve amplifiers do really change the impedance by having different windings on the audio output transformer.

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