What receiver with the Jamo A102HCS5's?


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I've posted on the All-in-one thread, as I was initially looking at the Sony DAV-DZ830W's. But I've been swayed to go the whole hog due to my 40" Bravia with it's 3 HDMI ports, and Sky HD and 360 Elite. All capable of HDMI connections.

I've looked at a few receivers like the Onkyo 605R and Sony STRDA1200ES, but the one that caught my eye was a Cambridge Azur 540R. However, the Onkyo and the Sony are HUGE boxes and the Sony is exceptionally ugly. The Cambridge is nice and sleek (like the Jamo's) but doesn't have any HDMI connections.

Do I have to compromise looks for size, in tandem with price? I've got about £500 (or so, plus interconnects) to spend for the Jamo's and a very decent receiver to connect all of the above.

Any help would be appreciated in this forum! Thank you.

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If you don't have any sources which specifically require audio through their hdmi inputs (Sky HD needs its optical connection anyway if you are to get anything other than stereo), then it's not too much of a compromise to connect your sources directly to the television and just leave the amp to handle audio (via optical/coaxial digital cables). On that basis, I would just go an audition your shortlisted amps/surround speaker combination balanced subjectively with the one you can live with looks-wise.



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I did forget my Denon DVD-1920 though...this can also output HDMI albeit at 1080i.

Can you give me an objective view of what connections I should use (and why) as I'm not sure what's the best to use for what devices?

The missus has also noted a fundamental flaw in my plan! I've no room for the Denon, Sky HD 360 AND a huge receiver in my two tier stand. So, further to my question above, for all the HDMI connectable devices I have, can I get a slimline receiver which can cope with the hdmi connections and optical requirements (I'm sure I need both, just not sure which combination of "what goes with what"

Learning as I go, I guess I need a receiver that does sound over HDMI (or optical in...?) Throw me a bone, guys!



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Well, again with the Denon DVD-1920 you can just use one of the three hdmi inputs on your television and then use the amp for sound - connected via it's optical or coaxial digital input. As to the type of connection to use, if both the source and amp support it then it's simplest to use a single hdmi cable. Otherwise use component or hdmi along with a separate (optical/coax digital) cable to carry surround sound. The Xbox 360 Elite supports Dolby Digital, DTS (at 1.5 Mbps), and WMA-Pro over hdmi cable. The Sky HD box won't pass anything other than stereo over hdmi currently, so regardless of whether you have an amp that supports it you should still use its optical connection. There's no downside in having to do so other than the extra cable.

If you need an amp which does sound over hdmi the two main choices are the Onkyo 605 and the Sony DG910. They're not particular slimline though. It's more critical to have this for sources like the PS3 which supports sound formats like TrueHD or uncompressed PCM; an optical digital connection doesn't have the bandwidth for these. Otherwise there's little downside in using optical/digital coaxial connections apart from the extra cables and future proofing for sources added later.



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As usual, I think I'm confusing myself as I'm getting to know this 'world' a bit more. Let me see if I'm getting this right...

Sony Bravia - HDMI out > Optical Out > AV Receiver.

Denon - HDMI out TV > Sound via Optical > AV Receiver.

360 - HDMI > AV Receiver (and possibly optical if I can't get a receiver with sound over HDMI.)

Jamo A102's > AV Receiver (obviously!)

Is that roughly how it would work?

I've seen a few slim av receivers that look good, I wonder if I'm looking for two HDMI connections, three seems excessive. Am I right in thinking I just 'need' two HDMI ports on the receiver, at most for what I'm connecting?

(Later, and when I have more room where I'm at I'll be connecting my Project III turntable for converting, but that's another story!)

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