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What receiver should I buy


Novice Member
Hello I am quite new to the Hi-Fi world and have purchased a pair of Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 and a CV-1800 amplifier however i want to hook up a receiver to my system but I don't know how and what i should buy. I would like to be able to hook up all my things to it and have the wireless connectivity to my phone and laptop and i plan to make the setup surround but not for a while. Could you please help me with what i should buy and how i should hook it up as i have the basic understandings but have no clue about pre-outs.


Distinguished Member

You have a lot of complex wants regardless of your budget. If you buy a good receiver, you don't necessarily need the CV-1800. It doesn't mean you can't use it, just that you wouldn't necessarily need it.

Next, how long until you go to Surround Sound? If it is more than 2 years, then I say get a Stereo now and when you are ready for Surround Sound, work that out when the time comes.

Here is a pretty nice Stereo Pre-Amp, that could make the heart of a pretty good system -

Rotel RX1570 Pre-Amp with DAC - £795 -

Rotel RC1570 Pre Amplifier

The DAC would make it easy to connect your TV for Movie watching, and the Amp does come with Bluetooth, though how good it is, I don't know. However, you can add the lastest Bluetooth to any amp for between £25 and £50, though the price can go much higher.

But for now, simply give us a budget, and we will make some recommendations. IF you get an AVR now, it will have to have Pre-Amp outputs.



Novice Member
Budget is about £800. I would preferably want to get a AVR right of the bat.

I have been looking at the YAMAHA RX V-777 and RX V-779 and got a suggestion from another forum for a onkyo tx8050.

I might go to surround in early April. And it would be kind of useless getting another amp since i have one which powers them at pretty much full potential.



Distinguished Member
I'm pretty sure the Onkyo TX8050 is a Stereo Amp with Streaming. I would prefer the Yamaha RN602 Stereo Network Receiver of the Onkyo.

But you have made it clear you want an AVR and that you will be updating to Surround Sound relatively soon.

In that case, if you want to use the Power amp, then you must buy an AVR that has Pre-Amp outputs.

The Yamaha RX-V779 does have pre-amp out, so that might be a good choice.

RX-V779 - RX-V 79 Series - Yamaha - UK and Ireland

The Yamaha RX-V779 is running about £500 to £700 based on a Google-UK Shopping search.

You might also consider the Yamaha Aventage RX-A850, which also has Pre-Amp outs.

RX-A850 - AVENTAGE - Yamaha - UK and Ireland

Generally, the Aventage are considered a higher line than the other Series 79 amps. Price on the RX-A850 are running right up to your budget at £800.

Yamaha RX-A850

But the key feature, if you intend to use the Power amp, is the AVR having Pre-Amp outs.



Novice Member
I will probably go with the RX V779 because i dont think i can source the RX A850 in my contry.

Thank you

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