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I hope I'm in the right place. I just got a second hand 5.1 surround speaker set, and am now looking to upgrade(replace) my Sony ta-v902 stereo amp to something that can also power a centre channel and a passive sub. I mainly use it for music, but might connect a (bluray)dvd player in the future.
specs of the set: [amount][brand][name][max power rating][impedance]

2x Sony SS-E681V 160 Watt 8

- 2x Sony SS-CN68 90 Watt 8
- 1x Sony SS-SR68 55 Watt 8
- 1x Sony SS-W681E - Subwoofer 8

I tried finding a similar question on this forum, but most people are looking to upgrade one part of their existing hardware, whereas I only have speakers, and can't find a receiver/amp that will fit with it. as my current stereo set consists of only sony components (v902 series) , I would really like the amplifier to also be a Sony if possible. also, my budget is quite small, so I'm really only in the secondhand market - which seems like a good thing, as no modern av system works with passive subs anyways.

so my question is this: what Sony receivers/amps can put out 5.1 surround with a passive subwoofer? and although other brands would probably work as well - especially if the list of results is too small and/or none can be aquired - I would prefer them to have a similar look to the rest of the set. (the standard black look of most sony components I think)

also, if anyone knows the name that this set might have (if there is a name for it) then the internet might help find what receiver was originally coupled with these speakers.

thank you


the gold bullet like things are line jack to headphone converters


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You will struggle to find any AVR that will power a passive sub. Some"All in one" systems will, but they tend to be budget items and may not support all current surround formats or 4k etc.

You may be better to pick up a cheap PA amplifier to run the sub - effectively turning it into an active sub and thus opening up your choice of AVR. There's plenty of Sony kit available on the market, but if you need 4k pass through on the HDMI, then that will limit you to the newer models.

Quite honestly that speaker system is not brilliant and you would be better advised to keep saving and buy some better speakers. The passive sub is quite low power compared to a good home cinema sub and doesn't really warrant spending much money on it.

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