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What receiver best with wharfedales?


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What do you think of this set up:

Front: Wharfedale diamond 10.3s
Rear: Wharfedale diamond 10.1s
Centre: Wharfedale diamond CS centre
Sub: BK Gemini MK2
Sony BDPS370 blue-ray player

Not sure what receiver would work best. I heard the wharfedales with the Sony STRDA3500ES which sounded good. Any thoughts? Does the MK2 work well with the wharfedales? Cheers


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I think you're along the right lines with the Sony, particularly if you liked the sound. They're meant to be warm sounding speakers so most people would partner them with a bright receiver such as Sony, Pioneer and Onkyo. These are not hard and fast rules and some people don't always agree with what is bright/warm/neutral. I for one, used Tannoy speakers with Arcam/Yamaha/Denon which some people on here would say is a no-no.

A sub will integrate well with any speakers as LFE doesn't really have a characteristic of its own. I wouldn't worry about using the sub within any setup.

So, if you liked it, go for it! :D


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I'm a great believer in my own ears (and my eyes of course, but they don't help much with the sound of speakers)......my Denon is a warm amp with the warm wharfedales and it sounds amazing to me.......actually it is in for repair at the moment, so just been using the same speakers with a loaned Yamaha 567, also warm.......it was a bit more 'warm' than the Denon in my opinion, but still gives a great sound......originally had a Sony STR-DG820 with them and that was bright.....and that sounded fine as well......

The different pairings all had noticeably different sounds, but not in any bad way - just different......so really, what I am saying is the same a Dave...........don't worry too much about what people say 'should' sound good, just go for what you know sounds good to you!

and, I do believe the Sony 3500 is a nice amp, so enjoy!


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oh, and welcome to the forums!

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