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Oct 7, 2003
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Hi all. :)

What mid-range receiver would you consider the best at processing multi-channel streams (preferably with a bypass of some sort for str8 stereo)?
The goal being to partner a receiver with a 5.1 power amp.

Thanks in advance. ;)
its got to be the denon avr-2803, i would have it but i made the mistake before i discovered the great thing of power amps

at the bare minimum marantz, i think most of their av receivers come with this feature
Wait for the Denon 3803 prices to drop even further.

They're hovering around £599 now, but they'll drop to as little as £480 soon after the announcement of the 3805.
Dimmy, is there a difference between the 3803 andd 2803 processing capabilities/quality?
Do they use different circuits?
EvilJohn - not correct.

The Denon AVR3803 and 2803 use exactly the same DTS/Dolby processor, but they use entirely different DACs, inferior Analogue Devices' in the 2803, and Burr Brown PCM 1791s (IIRC) in the 3803, which are of considerable greater quality.

The Denon 3803 also has a far more effective 'direct' feature, whereby it switches off all internal digital processing and video circuitry (including the front display) to maximise stereo performance. The Denon 2803 just has a 'direct' feature, which doesn't really do anything.
Thank you both for your replies.

Sorry eviljohn2, we posted at the same time. ;)
Any thoughts about the Yamaha range (1400/2400)?
They do have DPL IIx, don't they?
I'm just waiting for 3803 prices to fall before replacing my struggling 1803. My speakers are FAR too good for it :p.


RE: Yamaha Kit.

Anybody who regulars on these forums will know I generally hate Yamaha kit, but the 1400/2400 to look very much worthwhile. If only they weren't so damn ugly I'd buy one myself...
Might be worth considering a second hand processor as well. Anything that's just 5.1 seems to go for peanuts these days.

I wouldn't replace my venerable 1802 though :) It's more than adequate for my current needs (and is just right for my 77 series fronts and logitech rears)
Yes - I have 775e fronts, which my 1803 just can't drive adequately, in stereo or surround.
:eek: - should be ashamed of yourself :laugh: - no stands? Sub?
Driving my Mission 774s wouldn't be much of a problem, as I'd use my old Harman Kardon AVI250 THX DPL amp (and upgrade later if really neccessary). :)

One of the problems I can see with using a receiver as pre is when connecting it for DVD-A or SACD multi-channel playback.
I would need 6 leads for that, plus 6 other leads to connect the receiver to the amp.
Maybe I should wait for a while, until the i.Link becomes available on mid-range gear (or the price of the AX5i and the likes drops down).

What do you think?
774s are rather easy to drive, but they do begin to demand a lot of power & control to get the lower frequencies moving, are you using a sub with your system?

If so, I'd just ditch your original idea and use the Denon 3803 straight.
No sub needed. ;)
When I used to use the HK with the Pioneer DV626D (with its built-in decoder for DVDs), I had to partially plug the front bass ports.
Sub needed ;).

Your 774s will run out of steam at about 40hz. My 775e's NEED a subwoofer. If it helps you're more than welcome for a demo if and when I get this Servo 15 i've lined up into my listening room.

I'll re-iterate, sub needed :p.
I can assure you, mainly due to the size of the room, I do not need a sub. ;)

Also, the 774s are bigger than the 773s (but you probably knew that already).

P.S: a friend of mine with M&Ks and a REL sub (200E, I think) was also telling me I should get a sub, until he heard my system. :)

P.P.S: I wouldn't mind a demo in any case. Whereabout are you?
I have the 775e's - not the 773s, my speakers are even bigger than your own :p.

I'm in the midlands, near Nottingham.
Oops. :D

Too far for me I'm affraid. Thanks for the offer though, I appreciate it.

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