What "real" Kinect games will there be?


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I am on the fench with Kinect, I have a wii it lives in a nice warm box in the spare room and has bene hibernating for about 6 months.

I bought it as it was "new" "shiney" and "game changing"


Bowling with mates yes, Mario kart is mario kart and Galaxy is good but not a reason I would splash the cash now if I was going to buy something again.

The playstation move has confirmed Killzone 3 and Socom so far and the PS3 but so far I have not seen any adult game reasons to fork out the £130 as much as I would like too, to try it.

So what do we know as far as games taking advantage of the new hardware?

Gears 3 is that actually confirmed or just rumored?

Do you think you will be able to give up the controller for a game like that without feeling exhausted after an hour?


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its a good question. I asked a similar one a while ago on this sub-forum and some guys kindly posted some links, but they usually show the game, not how you interact with it. They also looked OK, but not great and some were a very long way off in the future.

I think if you want a Kinect you have to buy it for what it is now. New Tech with kiddy/cutesy games.

If you are after what is round the corner I suggest you wit as you are more likely to get a better deal or bundle offer inthe future.

Andrew Mogford

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kiddy cutesy games????? You actually tried Sports or EASA2 or fitness evolved or dance central? Do you actually own a kinect?????


I was about to post the same question as well.

So have any proper games been announced yet? PS3 move has Resident evil 5 and Heavy Rain with killzone 3 etc on the horizon.

I'm still waiting for similar games for th kinect before I splash out.


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it has gone very very quiet in the kinect sub forums. i hope there isn't a massive dearth of software in the next few months. need to keep some decent momentum going.


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Ive been really on the fence with the Kinect, until some 'deep' games come out im not interested. I had the option of getting one over the weekend but the game selection to me is poor, the fitness stuff looks good but I'm not sold.

Much to the people of Games badgering I went for the new Wii instead (the red one) I know people are saying they are out of date and failing but to be honest the collection of games is pretty strong and I just love the mario games :smashin:


it has gone very very quiet in the kinect sub forums. i hope there isn't a massive dearth of software in the next few months. need to keep some decent momentum going.
I wouldn't expect to see any "big" Kinect game releases until late into next year. The Spike VGAs are this coming weekend, and I think we'll get to hear about some new Kinect games there.


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It's not a 360 or Kinect exclusive but I am looking forward to Child of Eden (which should have some form of Kinect support).

Other than that you have the games announced at TGS and whatever Turn10 are doing with the next Forza game and Kinect.

I would also say Dance Central so far for me is the best game that uses the Kinect and isn't just for casual gamers. Also Kinect Adventures is actually a lot of fun when playing with others.

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