What quality do RP Tvs give when playing a PS2 compared to CRT?


Ray Von

I've heard that they look "fuzzy" and aren't as good as a CRT
but I want a big screen and I dont think I'll be happy with just a 36inch screen.

I'm also going to want them for films etc and occasional bit of normal tv but PS2 is the main.

any advise would be great.



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My friend has a PJ TV and we play games on it from time to time and I have seen anything from DC to PS2 on this thing. All I can say is that if PQ in games is important to you then PJ television is NOT the way to go. As I've mentioned to my friends many times games look fuzzy, blurred on the set and the colours are washed out. Perhaps a better and newer PJ set would produce a better PQ but I doubt it will ever near the quality of CRT televisions.

I’m not really sure what I should recommend you buying there are 3 different PJ TV technologies CRT, LCD and LPD and then there is Plasma. Perhaps you should pack up your PS2 and your favourite game and head on over to your local TV store and see what looks best.

Ray Von

hmm thats not a bad idea actually

cant afford plasma so thats out
understand you can only go up to 36in with a normal tv, but thats going to be massive and heavy and I dont think 36 in will be big enough

I'm sorry but I'm new to all this what is LCD and LPD ?
Is there no solution ? I was hoping that the new sony KP44PX2 would be the boy for games.

bugger PQ is important to me but just how bad is it ??


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Ups I meant DLP not LDP!

You can read about DLP here www.dlp.com

But you really shouldn't consider it since DLP PJ TV's around now are rare and cost even more than plasma displays. The new and cheaper ones with a second generation DLP chip will probably not hit the market in Europe before Q1/Q2 2003 at the earliest.

Don't quote me on this but I think that LCD PJ TV's have a small LCD screen inside which displays the TV picture and then light from a powerful lamp is shone trough it which hits a screen on the PJ and results in the picture you see. I'm not sure but I think that this lamp can burn out and needs changing every so often.

I don't know anything about CRT PJ but I believe they yield the best PQ. I recommend you do some research on the web about each technology or just ask the sales guy which PJ uses which tech and see which you prefer.

Try to post your question on this forum www.avsforum.com which has a lot more members and also try searching for previous post on this subject on that forum.

And yes, it really is that bad or at least I think that it is. All in all I don’t think that you can find anything better than CRT TV’s for videogaming.

Ray Von

ok thanks bud :( now I dont know what to do

will ask on that forum.


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:eek: to answer your question on ps2 games on pj screens i have had a pj tv 41 inch not wide screen for 10 years . i have play ps one games on it quite regulary, and my tv could do with some new tubes because the picture is no where near crisp, but i enjoyed playing it on the big screen it was ok . i am sure the picture quality would be brilliant on up to date pj tvs . but beware if it is wide screen you want to buy . when playing games on it it will have black on the screen to narrow it down ,because ps2 is not a wide screen machine and i had two black bars on mine top on bottom , mine not wides screen . and according to manufactures you shouldnt games on them because it can burn the screen . because mine is blurry ,maybe that is what caused it . but it is ten years old . ihoped it helped

Gary D

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Ray Von,
i agree qwith 9mm, you shouldn't use consoles on rear projection TV's it can cause screen burn. you either have to accept that 36inch is as far as you can go or get a plasma.

i had this same headache about a month ago - so i know how painful it can be.


Ray Von

yeh its not good, cant afford a plasma think I'll stick with my 28 inch JVC ws, it does the job wont cost me a grand so I'll hang on for a bit.

by the way what did you go for in the end ??


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Loewe do a 40 inch CRT TV but it's probably more than a cheap plasma, some 36in CRT sets will be more than the cheapest plasmas now though.

Ray Von

so what do reckon wait to see what happens in the future ??

its no win

RP big screen crap picture and logo burn
CRT not big enough good picture
Plasma too expensive



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Lately I've come to believe that perhaps a front projector is the answer (for me at least). This way you get as big a picture as you wish and don't have to worry about burn or outrageously high prices. You can easily get a pretty good projector for 1500-3000$ and perhaps even cheaper. And a added bonus is that you can put these babies to good effect watching movies too. For you I would recommend something like the Panasonic AE100 which is a cheap but relatively good LCD projector. If you want more quality and the added price you should buy the new SONY HS10, Panasonic AE200 or AE300 which also are LCD projectors.

And now for the ever present cons:

All LCD front projectors produce light with a lamp which will burn and needs to be replaced after some time. This time varies from 1500-3000 hours and depends on what kind of lamp the projector uses. A new lamp usually cost 500-700$, sometimes more and sometimes less. You can do a search to see what the lamp life and price is for the projector you are interested in.

You will of coarse need a white surface to project the picture on and if you want good PQ you will need to be able to prevent outside light from coming into your room, in other words you need a fairly dark room.

When the picture is blown up that much you will easily be able to see the individual pixels and the black gap between them from up close. This bothers some people but if you sit long enough away it shouldn’t be a issue.


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No problems playing PS games on my Tosh RP.
Pic looks great and no image burn, altough I've onlt had it about 6 months.

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