What Pure Audio Blu-Ray discs do you want to see released?


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I want to buy some Pure Audio discs but find the selection not great.

I will buy Quadrophenia as its in 5.1 but there is so much that I could spend some pennies on.
Would love to get
Radiohead -
Steely Dan - These have been out in every other format so why not Blu-Ray.
Kate Bush
Peter Gabriel
Marillion (I have reached a stage in my life where I do not mind admitting I like Marillion-old and new)

All must be 5.1

What would be on your list for Universal et al to release next?


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I would rather they concentrated on improving Blu Ray DAC's so we can listen to them properly before worrying about further releases.

Agree on the 5.1. If you going to release a disc in hires then why not include a surround mix? However, to do so you need the multitracks, not just a Master, and that means real work has to go into producing the disc. I'm not sure that's what the Universal releases are all about.

Steely Dan's albums have never had a proper Hires release, so anything by them would be great.

I'd like to see Hires releases of :-

Tangerine Dreams 1975 - 85' classic period covered in 5.1.
Van Der Graaf Generator - any
Barclay James Harvest - any up until Turn of the Tide
Jimi Hendrix - any
The Muse - up until Black Holes (also a good opportunity to improve the dismal mastering on their albums)
10 CC - Up until bloody tourists
Tool - all
Opeth - all
Pink Floyd - everything bar Final Cut (and of course DSTOM and WYWH)
Frank Zappa - anything from his official albums.

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