what ps3 game's and accessories are you having for christmas?


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GoW 3. Might treat myself to FO:NV though if i get any vouchers etc.


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The PS3 was mine and the wifes early christmas pressie. We both hate waiting! lol

Got the Slim 320GB with Move kit, along with Sports Champs. Since then having been buying things left right and center for it!
Got another Move controller, Charging dock for DS and move controllers, BluRay controller and a nice selection of games so far.


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The Sly collection, prince of persia collection, The shoot and a deep red DS3 controller. Im also getting The sims 3 and Need for speed hot pursuit but there for 360
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I've just brought myself a red Dual Shock 3 as I'd previously spent far too much on the parents/other half for Christmas. I did buy the Logitech steering wheel from Maplins a couple of weeks back but that's still at my other halfs, so I might let her get it for me as a present as I probably won't get it until Christmas now anyway!

Dave H

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move + Navigator and Resident Evil 5 plus lots of Blu Rays.

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