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I am looking for a projector for about £850 to £1000, it has to be ceiling mountable and reliable. What should I go for LCD or DLP (not too keen on the colour wheel effect of older DLPs). Going to be watching Sky + DVDs mainly but will use it to "show off" online gaming.
I know Im getting into the DLP/LCD thing again but will somebody please suggest some models to look at.


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have you checked to see if you actually see the rainbow effect on DLP models? i dont seem to see it at all really, i think i've noticed it a couple times at most in the 50 odd hours i've used my PJ for in the last week or so......however on LCD i noticed the SDE easily.......whereas my friend is the opposite, seeing the rainbow effect lots even on my 7205.....but he doesnt seem to notice the SDE at all on his office projector...lol

i think its as much to do with the person as it is the projector, especially with the newer models.....maybe older models suffered more due to the machine...

anyway, at your price, the 4805 is nice, i've seen it and liked it, but i wanted more and i had more to spend.

others here will have some good suggestions and advice on LCD's, because i noticed SDE easily on a few models at different price bands i never bothered looking at more...(the ones i saw were ones that were not supposed to show it easily...lol....like i say, i think its the person as much as the projector)


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i recently got a 4805 and am very pleased with it, cracking PJ for the money. Image was more pleasing to me than the LCDs. Dirt cheap now as well! But this was a few months ago! - prices are dropping every week it seems.

But do make sure about the rainbows - potentially an extended review session will be needed to make sure they do not hassle you.

If its LCD, I thought the Z3 was a very good pj, again dirt cheap now!




i also got a 4805 a week or so ago after viewing alot of projectors, tried lcd and did not like them tried the h30 and saw a ton of rainbows. a have not seen any with the 4805. for watching dvds the picture is stunning for the price. my wife who was reluctant to even consider a projector was really impressed , so much so that i can put thee screen i have ordered where i want.


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