What Projector Screen to get?


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I've got a 13 x 11 bedroom with white walls. When I close the blinds (I have a blackout blind) very minimal light comes into the room.

I have a Mitsubishi HC3800 and am projecting about an 100" - 110" image onto my white wall. I have decided it's time I buy a projector screen now that I've got some more money to spare.

I am just wondering as I've seen many different types of projector screens. These are: Grey, White, and Glass Beads. And all this other stuff about gain. I am clueless to what any of this means so I'd like a bit of help from the people at avforums? :confused:

Which one should I be looking to get? I have about.. a £150 budget. I'm not really fussed whether it's pull down, motorised or fixed to be honest. I just want the best picture quality I can get for my £150, and which 'colour' I should get it? (Grey, White, Or Beads?)


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Don't waste your money on a budget screen - it's more likely to reduce rather than enhance the quality you are currently viewing!

Have a look (search) at the likes of Screen Goo by Goo Systems for a DIY 'paint on' surface with the option to create a screen border - there are plenty of AVF members with hints & tips on how to improve on a basic emulsion surface!


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To be honest as Joe has said an easy diy solution is best and cheapest when compared to cheap manufactured screens.

They invariably go wrong or ripple or sag or edge curl.You have two choices either paint the wall and then add a border by using 50mm wide sticky backed black velcro (looped side) cut from a roll.This is available from Dunelm for approx £1.50 per mtr. 8mtrs should be enough to do a 100" diagonal screen.

Or if your wall is not particularly flat or free from defects get an 8ft x 4ft sheet of 3mm thick white faced mdf from wickes or somewhere similar for about £10.Then paint with a light grey Dulux Matt (clouded slate 3) over the white side with 2 coats.

Mount on the wall and add the border the grey paint will help with improved blacks and the total cost will be less than £50.Loads of us have done similar and everyone is please with the results.You don't need any more than very basic skills, paint roller and stanley knife and depending how you fix the screen to the wall (I nailed mine round the edges to the wall and the black tape covered the nail heads a treat).

I did mine 6 yrs ago and it is as good as many a £300+ screen I have seen in action.

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