What Projector screen is this?


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Hi All,

I wondered if someone would know what manufacturer of projector screen this is please? it is a metal case is is very heavy! i was kindly given this from a friend and he has no manual and cannot remember the make and model. i really need to know the power supply requirements to power the screen up and down i have tried 12V, 24V and 48V? and this has not triggered the screen. be great if someone knows connection details and voltage for this screen.

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Not sure tbh, but wiring looks similar to that used by Draper / Euroscreen 210730 control box. Probably doesn’t help much though as they can be low voltage (5v dc) or high (110/230 ac) to match the type of screen motor as I think you can fit either to the same case. The case will usually have a label of some kind or if not you may need to remove the motor to get more info. The old style (square’ish) control boxes are now replaced, but there is one on eBay for £60. Check for yourself, but I think when wiring up you need to have live, neutral and ground connected to the control box, the control box then connects neutral (blue) & ground (yellow/green) to always be connected to the control box and up (black) or down (brown) connected to live as required to move the screen.
Link to an example :-

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