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What processor is the best? If this is too open ended for you, I'll tell what I've been considering.....
Lexicon, Tag or the Meridien.

I'm looking at something quite high end that will just work as a pre to a 5.1 Genelec system and source from a HTPC.

I'll be selling my existing Cyrus stereo set up to make way for this so I'm going to need convincing!

What's the general opinion?


Guess what?

Here's a surprise !.......Meridian 568.2

Adzman - "in Boothroyd - Stuart mode"

:) :) :)


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Lexicon MC-12 for best matrix surround (out of 2+ channels). Lexicon for best general multichannel HT performance.

Tag McLaren for best proven upgradability if not sound quality (the bp192 has not been reviewed by proper reliable sources yet).

Meridian for the biggest amoung of dough you can cough up, best (only?) ambisonic support and decent sound quality.

AudioNet MAP for best analog passthrough performance in stereo and in multichannel.

Arcam FMJ AV8 as the best newcomer the performance of which is still relatively unknown.



The TAG sounds VERY good with music and movies, and has a proven track of upgradeability, looks nice... I am happy... :D

By the way, music is more important to me, I have Sonus Faber speakers and REL subs...

The others... I don´t know, and don´t feel the need to know... ;)


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Let me throw in the Proceed AVP2. Just come out, should be pretty good, I think it's around the £6k point. I've used several AVP's and they have been very good.


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Difficult choice... If you are not interested in enhancing 2-channel music sources, you might consider both the Tag and Proceed, if you want good sounding surround with 2-channel music sources, your best bet is with the Lexicon (LOGIC7) or Meridian (Trifield, EZ). You also might consider Theta.

The Lexicon will sound more dynamic and up front, the Meridian more relaxed and a bit more refined in the highs. The Tag can at times sound a bit too clean for my taste. I have not heard the new Proceed, but I think it's sound will be very close to the Lexicon, although it might have an edge in overall audiophile capabilities in straight stereo/DD/DTS. Theta will be in the same league as Proceed.

I have yet to hear the Audionet if I have the time (it is sitting in its box in my room, ready for review), and will post my comments if I do. I have heard the Arcam though and although extremely musically satisfying, it sounds just a tad too warm for me, with lack of outright power with movies. But I am used to the very neutral sounding Lexicon: your opinion may vary.

In fact, I think you can't go really wrong with any of those, although I would also consider service, reliability and speed of new upgrades which I think is the best with Tag and Lexicon.

Paul Smith

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What processor is best for you is very dependent on:

1:) Are you interested in future formats?
2:) And would you be wanting to upgrade to 7.1 (or further) in the future?

If the answer is Yes then all of the above are very good options and well worth an audition.

However If you are not interested in anything more than very good 5.1 then perhaps an older top of the range unit could be a more wallet friendly bargain to play with.

It's just a thought,



I have to admit that I have no complaints with my TAG AV32R EX, and I would love to have their DVD, (too expensive IMHO), but I don´t like their power nor their speakers... So I am only partially TAGged... ;)


Logic 7 and Trifield might be better, (never heard), but DPLII, (with the TAG) is great, I use it now for all my stereo sources, and even my "audiophile" friends preferred it to "plain" stereo, try it without the center speaker...

I agree that the TAG combo "can at times sound a bit too clean", but with Bryston powers, it is another ball game...


I agree with you on DPLII music, it sounds great!.
& love your choice of amps too.
I agree with Garmtz, Trifield is fantastic & i haven't really started to fiddle with it's adjustments yet!...

Some of the Meridian sound fields are very good.......

Perhaps i've been partially 'Meridian-ised'

:) :) :)



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Well said Lowrider. I must admit that I never heard the AV32R with another power amp, so it might be that with a more powerful amp, it's another ballgame.

DPLII is indeed brilliant and I have already heard differences in the implementation of it in different decoders. I liked the way the Arcam AV8 sounded in DPLII mode. Arcam obviously made a lot of work to get DPLII sounding the way it does.


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I have owned the Meridian and two Lexicons (now on a DC2). IMO the Meridian was too clinical and harsh sounding to my ears despite careful source and amplification choice. The Lexicons are fantastic for both surround and 2 channel music. They are detailed and natural sounding. I would not change my brand again and if money were no object then the choice has to be an MC12, although some MC1's are available second hand for Tag money.
I have only heard demo's of the Tag but not under the same conditions as the other equipment so comparison is irrelevant. I have a friend who is delighted with his. Again I think it produces a clinical sound but to some ears that might be preferred.

I partner my Lexicon with a Bryston 9Bst and believe I have found the sound I have been looking for since upgraditus set in some six years ago!



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Bruce, I agree with you that the Lexicons are brilliant and sound natural and detailed. I however do not agree with you that Meridian sounds cold and clinical, I would say Meridian sounds relaxed and very refined in the highs, but that's my opinion.

Adzman, thanks for the compliments (I think... ;)). You don't want to know what's on the rest of the photo... :D

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