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Hi all, I'm looking to ditch my 757 and replace it with a dedicated processor. Im looking to spend upto 1K and use it with my Rotel 1075 (possibly a pair). Preferably 7.1, and have some form of upgradeability if possible.

What models should I be looking at? This is new territory for me.

Thanks. :)


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When you say "upgradeability" i presume you mean for HD formats. To be honest i don't think there are any units out there for £1000 that will be upgradeable to DTS-HD master audio etc.

If you are really keen on using these formats when they come out then wait until the hardward to play it comes along.

You could use 5.1/7.1 inputs on your amp etc. to play the new formats but then that'd just be using the decoders in the player which are never as good as a seperate processor.

If you're not too bothered about the HD formats and just want the best out of dvd then a present processor would be fine.

I use the Sony TA-E9000ES but for £1000 you could get something alot better, look for second hand equipment in good condition. Rotel's units are pretty good i think.

Their RSP-1098 went for just under £1000 on ebay recently.


Three models within or close to your price range are the Arcam AVP700 (£1400 though, but ex-dem are available) and the Audiolab 8000Av (£999 but available for less with discount). The latter is based on the old Tag Mclaren Av30. Neither offer upgradeability or other niceties such as room correction. Given that you already have the Rotel power amp maybe the Rotel RSp-1068 at £995 would be your best bet. The other avenue would be ex-demo or second hand.


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Thanks for your replies. I have no problems with Ex demo or second hand equipment.

To be honest I hadnt realy thought about the "new" HD formats. Until everything is quite mainstream then I dont think I shall concern myself with it to much.

In my current room(s) I only have room for a maximum of a 7.1 setup and am quite happy with the current arrangements, although I do think that the 757 being used as a processor could be improved upon.

I like the idea of Rotel (the tart that I am) so I shall have a look at those first.

By the way (you've got tme thinking now!) will these new formats be carried over digital connections? either HDMI, optical, coax?



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The HD formats will be carried over either analogue cables for Dolby True HD and DTS-HD but the best one which seems to be DTS-HD 'master audio' will only be available through HDMI 1.3, no HD formats will be output via coax or optical.

The new HD discs will output regular DTS at its highest bitrate (1.5mbps) which is twice as much info as what it outputs on most dvd's. So even if you have a non HD processor you can still get slightly better sound from HD discs.

I think if you are serious about HD sound formats then you have to wait as using a blu-ray/HD-DVD player to decode them isn't making the most of them at all.

Don't be too sure that 7.1 is any better than 5.1. I had a 9.1 system with my Yamaha AX1 and it doesn't sound anywhere near as good as a seperate processor/power amp combo in 5.1.

7.1 will only be effective in large rooms, unless you have a large room stick to 5.1, and don't use DSP's. :D


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I was considering a Rotel receiver or power amp recently and came across a deal with ex demo deals if you bought processor and power amp together, details here. I was looking at the RSX 1055 myself but the ex demo model they had had the old low bandwidth component connections so no good for me. Unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch to processor & power amp (let alone 2 of them :devil:)


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