What processor to go with Arcam amps?


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At the moment my Denon 3803 is being used as a processor whilst I try to find a suitable processor my budget is 1500 pounds. I am also using my Arcam FMJ A22 to drive front left and right speakers and my Arcam FMJ P35 to drive centre and rears.

I have been told that a Rotel 1068 will not be a big improvement from my Denon 3803 as the Denon is good.

I would ideally need a processor to do DTS 6.1 and DVD Audio / SACD. I know the Arcam FMJ AV8 is good but it is too expensive - even second hand. I also know there are a few second hand Lexicon MC1s going on classifieds but I do not really want them.

I might think about the Rotel 1098 second hand - is this good as the reviews state?

Thanks in advance

John Dawson

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We have a new more affordable processor called the AVP700 in the works which is inside your budget. It's roughly a couple of months away.


John Dawson (Arcam)

Timmy C

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I upgraded my Denon to an MC1 that I use with Arcam power amps (10p/10p3 + 2x290p) and it sounds awesome. I guess you must have your reasons for not wanting one though!


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Also consider the NAD T163. It's an excellent processor for the money and extremely flexible in terms of setup for a movies and music based system.


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I also would recommend holding off for the AVP700 from Arcam, it promises to be something really special.


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I am aware of the new Diva Procesor coming out in a couple of months time. But surely a second hand Rotel 1098 worth 2.2k sound better than the Arcam at 1.5K? Or does it not work like that?

I do like Arcam products I must admit but the wait may be too long for me!


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The Rotel 1098 is ok, but i thought it was nothing special....


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Does anyone with a Rotel 1068 think it is a big upgrade over the Denon 3803 in terms of processing? I might be able to get hold of one cheaply!


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I have just bought the Rotel 1098 processor for a very good price and I am happy with it. The TFT screen which the Arcam Diva processor will not have is good and a nice added touch. Sounds good with music and movies. Does just about everything!


I've no idea as i've never had a Denon had a few Marantz amps and it's a totally different league.

The sound doesn't come from speakers dotted around the room, it envelops you. I'm sure a 10k Meridian 800 series would be way more impressive but for around £900 new it's bloody hard to beat a Rotel 1068 It's also in my opinion got a bloody good stereo bypass as well...

I had an Arcam FMJ A22, before the 1068 and I don't miss the Arcam in stereo mode.

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