What Pro-Ject Turntable is this


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I own this Pro-Ject Turntable and need a new Drive belt for it but I do not know what Model it is I also want to upgrade the Platter as well to acrylic as well. The cartridge is a Ortfon Red the arm is carbon with Pro-ject written on the side of the arm. If anybody thinks it is the Pro-ject II it is not the II has a different type of Arm rest and a Different Arm . Thanks


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From a quick Google, this does look a lot like a Pro-ject 6 Perspex:

Is there anything at all around or underneath this TT to give you a clue? What is that box underneath?

How did you get to own this beauty?

If this is a Perspex that Ortofon Red is really not doing it any justice.


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I got in touch with Henley Audio who told me it was a early Version of the experience Just waiting if he could give me the Model No Henley is the importers of everything Pro-Ject I did look underneath the deck it said Experience followed by the number 0


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Right Spoke to the guy at Hedley Audio he said this deck is a early version of the Pro-Ject Experience which was followed by the Experience II Got that cleared up Thanks for the help anyway

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