What Printer - Canon S530D or Epson CX3200


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Ok - need a new printer- preferably one that prints digital pictures.

Budget of £100.

Anyway - initially I was looking at the Epsom CX3200 - has 56k DPI - plus has the added bonus of being a copier and scanner - always useful.
The reviews I have seen of it are excellent.

Then yesterday - popped into my local Staples- and they have a Canon S 530d - reduced to £99.91. OK - it does not scan - but can copy - plus has a card reader.

Anway - pretty torn between the 2.

Any advice.



I have always owned and obviously liked Canon printers. They are fairly cheap to run (replacement inks) and the quality is alway top notch (IMHO!).
I know of a few people that have owned Epson printers and the cost of the inks are (in relation to the Canons) a lot more expensive. If you intend to be printing a lot of digi pics then this will make a hugh difference. Also consider (do not know either of your 2 options) getting a printer that has 6 individual ink tanks as throwing away parcially used colours because just one of the colours has run out will add to the cost.
Also with the all-in-one options if one of the parts goes wrong you have lost both the scanner & the printer! But they do take up less space on the desk.



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I have both a Canon and an Epson printer. Support from Epson leaves a lot to be desired. From my experience you are held in a queue for anything up to 30 mins (this seems to be the norm), and then when you do talk to someone, they're not that knowledgable. I managed to speak to people 3 times about the same problem I had and got different replies each time, none of which worked.

My Canon, on the other hand has been so reliable I've not had any need to use their support, so can't comment on it.

I agree with Mark that you really are best going for a printer with separate ink cartridges. Whilst they initially cost more than single cartridge printers, the running costs are a lot cheaper as you only have to replace the particular colour that has run out.

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