what price a used z4


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i have a z4 with about 80 hours on the clock.
just wandering what price i should be selling it for.
i fancy the panasonic ax100.
my z4 has no dead pixels and has remainder of 3 years warranty. ( about 30 months left)
thanks in advance.


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I didn't reply yesterday as I'm selling one myself and am probably a little biased. Given that no-one else has chipped in, here's my opinion.

Yours is almost new. Does it come with the lamp voucher?

I'd say with lamp voucher yours is worth around £800, £700 without.

Be aware that the Sanyo warranty is not transferrable - you will need to agree to handle any future service issues on behalf of your buyer.




brand new from here for £869 with lamp voucher.
( same place i got my Z4 from )

so one with 80 hours on the clock

i would say that £800 was a little high..... given the choice i think most would sooner pay the extra £69 to get it brand new with 0 hrs and the warranty in there name ?
dont you think ...

i think £700 - £750 ish would be fair price for one with 80 hours
and the lamp voucher...


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The prices on this stuff changes so rapidly... That is a very good price from Ivojo...


The prices on this stuff changes so rapidly... That is a very good price from Ivojo...
tell me about it.

i paid £1132 for my z4 with lamp voucher and pixel check.
a month later the Z5 is out at £1169 ish with free lamp voucher and pixel check and the Z4 drops £250 :rolleyes:



And my TX200, paid £1200'ish for it and now its worth about £650 second hand. Projectors depreciate in value so fast but then again so do TV's.



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I would keep it, its a cheap high def telly , get the spare free bulb as back up mine took 10 days , then found after new bulb fitted need to be sent away for thermal reset , so was with out for 4wks:eek: .

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