What preamp to pair with Elac Navis ARB-51


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I’m buying Elac Navis active speakers and my music sources are a turntable and a Bluesound Node2i.

As I see it I have quite alot of options. I can buy a preamp with dac/RIAA like the Parasound Halo P6, an older second hand high-end preamp like the Linn Klimax Kontrol and both separate dac and RIAA or a passive preamp with a separate dac and RIAA.

what are my best options? Looking to spend $2000 (can get s/h Linn for $1000)


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I’d go for the Halo.

It has an excellent rep, as do Parasound in general, and it is extremely flexible and future proof.

It also has fine sub and bass management should you feel the need a little later.
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