What power bank for a Samsung 900x3b notebook


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I have a Samsung 900x notebook and would like to find a suitable power bank for it. I have been told (Currys !) that phone/tablet type power banks are not suitable.
Any advice welcome.


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Until recently laptops haven't had much of a common power standard. They've only started to adopt USB charging now as only the newest USB standard is capable of sufficient amounts of power.

Also, until some time ago laptops often had removable batteries so you could carry a spare.

Unfortunately yours is new enough to have a fixed battery but not new enough to use USB charging.

Looking online it appears as if your laptop requires 19V on a barrel connector that's 3mm x something and I couldn't find out whether it's center positive or not.

19V is common in laptops and there are power banks with a 19V output and various connector tips available, so you may be able to find one appropriate to your laptop.

There are also power banks offering a mains plug output which would guarantee compatibility with your current charger, but that set up would be less efficient, heavier and bulkier.
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